“I would highly recommend Lucas”

The crowd was well-entertained by Lucas’s keynote presentation, “When the Travel Writer’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy,” at the Tourism Vancouver Island Conference and AGM. Lucas brought in a local flair that resonated with the audience and kept them intrigued and wanting more. The presentation was engaging and informative. It provided some great tips on how to get the most out of hosting media and producing the best results. If you’re looking for a speaker for your next conference, I would highly recommend Lucas. – Heather McEachen, Trade and Media Specialist, Tourism Vancouver Island


“Hard to imagine a better speaker”

For insight into the world of travel writing, both the incredible trips and the exhaustive efforts that go into a great story, it’s hard to imagine a better speaker than Lucas Aykroyd. In an era of off-the-cuff presentations, Lucas delivers an impressively polished speech – no bells or whistles, just compelling storytelling, a sense of humour and, of course, that James Earl Jones-esque baritone. His stories are sure to prove spellbinding to anyone interested in travel or travel writing or just a good old-fashioned yarn. – Remy Scalza, Award-Winning Contributor to the New York Times and Simon Fraser University Writing Instructor


“He has great presence”

Lucas Aykroyd gave an excellent presentation on “useful information for students aspiring to become professional writers” at our recent Career Education Society conference in Vancouver. He had a limited time to present, but was so well-prepared, and delivered the information right on schedule. He has great presence in the room and everyone came away with some useful information. He is a very good speaker and up-to-date. – Randy Grey, Career Programs Coordinator, CES Career Education Society Conference


“An opportunity not to be missed”

Lucas is an articulate and knowledgeable speaker with a great sense of humour. His powerful voice and personable presentation style are sure to engage any audience. With well thought-out points cleverly sprinkled throughout entertaining stories, listening to Lucas speak is an opportunity not to be missed! – Danielle Rondeau, Lawyer at Killam Cordell Murray and Founder of Trash Your Stress


“Lucas wowed the crowd”

Timing is everything in comedy…and in public speaking. Our organization, the BC Association of Travel Writers, recently hired Lucas Aykroyd as our keynote speaker, primarily to give the membership pointers on pitching stories to travel editors. In addition to diction, tone and an engaging personality – pre-requisites, in my opinion, for this sort of thing – Lucas wowed the crowd with his impeccable timing. He knows how to lead the audience to the edge of their seats, keep them there and, wham, deliver the punch line! The result was an informative and extremely entertaining presentation. I have no hesitation in recommending Lucas for your next public speaking engagement. – John Thomson, Co-Chair, BC Association of Travel Writers Symposium Organizing Committee


“Cares about doing a good job”

Lucas was a presenter at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference, teaching a session on travel writing and taking one-on-one blue pencil appointments to help attendees with their writing. Lucas is a friendly and outgoing professional who communicates clearly and cares about doing a good job. – Kathy Chung, Conference Coordinator, Surrey International Writers’ Conference


“Enlightening and entertaining”

The Rotary Club of Vancouver was fortunate to have Lucas Aykroyd speak to our members and guests at one of our Tuesday luncheon meetings. Lucas gave an enlightening and entertaining presentation about his journey to becoming a professional travel writer. Lucas regaled us with stories about how he started as a writer, not only in search of travel stories, but also in search of someone to buy his articles. He now leads a life of fun and adventure following his passion. Lucas had a very comfortable presentation style and supplemented his presentation with some beautiful photographs from his journeys. I would definitely recommend Lucas for a public speaking engagement. – Bill Davidson, Director, Rotary Club of Vancouver


“Lucas’s presentation should be a must-attend”

Lucas Aykroyd was invited by referral to present as a keynote speaker during our weekly Vancouver Executive Association meeting. Our members and guests thoroughly enjoyed Lucas’s descriptive presentation on how his career as a professional travel writer commenced and developed to bring him to his heights of today. Lucas’s presentation should be a must-attend for any aspiring writer considering a career in the travel industry. Lucas spoke about how he turned his passion for travel and writing into a lucrative business, while navigating the pitfalls of the industry. His presentation included wonderful photos from his travels to the globe’s most interesting places. We thank Lucas for his speaking engagement and do recommend him warmly. – Stephen Welscher, Program Director, Vancouver Executive Association